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          Onkiosk Tower 2

          The 2nd generation self-service kiosk.

          Offer a holistic digital ordering solution.

          Product upgrade

          Apply paint as the surface coating to provide
          durability and reliability

          Smaller, lighter.

          Packed with exquisiteness.

          OnKiosk Tower

          OnKiosk Tower2

          HD interactive touchscreen

          21.5-inch HD screen with 178° viewing angle.

          G+G 10-point capacitive touchscreen with improved flexibility.

          Enhanced color and image sharpness offer customers
          extraordinary experience.

          Designed to accommodate
          various environments.

          It can be mounted with a height-adjustable stand,

          placed on table or VESA wall mountable.

          Give customers the means
          for self-service and
          relieve the workload of
          your staff during busy hours.

          Integrate Keruyun’s self-service OS.

          Your customers can place orders, make payments and scan QR codes on

          their own. It helps you greatly improve your operational efficiency.

          Support self-ordering
          and self-payment.
          Say goodbye to long queues.

          Integrate the POS terminal for Alipay and WeChat Pay.
          Support facial recognition payment.

          Attract more customers with these new experiences.

          Onkiosk Tower 2
          Loop your ads, endorse yourself.

          Loop your promotional videos on the display,
          present more item details to your customers