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          On KDS 2

          Smart kitchen display system

          Go paperless and worry less.

          On KDS 2

          Run your kitchen smartly with this centralized digital system.

          Keep your front of house well-informed
          on the cooking progress.
          Ensure your guests are happy with
          receiving their food once it is ready.

          Kitchen staff can update the status of an order at the tap of a finger, notifying
          the front of house if the order is still cooking or ready to be served.

          Improve communication between front and back of house. Leave your front
          house staff with more time to provide excellent customer service.

          Reduce paper waste with KDS 2.
          No more missing orders,
          but more environment-friendly.

          KDS 2 can help you eliminate misplaced orders and

          cut back dramatically on your printing costs.

          Optimize your kitchen
          workflow. Improve the
          communication and efficiency
          in both your front and
          back of house.

          Provide a real-time view of all kitchen information with a digital
          screen, such as order status, recipes and procedures,

          delaying items and what are ready to be served. You can
          run your restaurant more efficiently with KDS 2.

          Connect to a calling screen

          Send messages to customers

          Notify customers to pick up their food in a quick service restaurant.