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          Business: Fast food

          Main Food: Classical Hong Kong style, molecular gastronomy, casual drinks, cakes.

          Per Capita Consumption: $5 - $10


          Seats:~ 60 Seats

          Brand’s Requirements

          ? How to stabilize members and keep customers' loyalty?

          ? How to maintain long-term profitability when customers lack loyalty and how to get the Brand to stand out against take-out platforms?

          ? How to improve the whole process from receiving to delivering orders under an aggressive delivery timeline?

          ? The need for the Brand to manage large amount of franchisees and stores while keeping up-to-date on business health using consolidated and instantaneous big data.

          Quick Service Fast Food Outlet Solution
          Full Service Restaurant Solution
          • OnPOS Hardware
            OnPOS Hardware
          • Smart Kitchens
            Smart Kitchens
          • K-mobile
          Keruyun Implementation Results

          This brand has been using Keruyun SMART system for over 4 years with an emphasis on managing large amounts of stores efficiently

          and its dependance on the supply chain.

          The loss of raw materials, daily consumption and actual production quantity is calculated carefully to sustain cost-efficiencies.

          The Brand is able to read the health of all stores and make informed decisions quickly with an efficient reporting system.

           The number of members soared from April to December with a proper marketing plan in place
          The number of members soared from April to December with a proper marketing plan in place.