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          Business: Food Courts & Multi Stalls

          Main Food: Assorted Varieties, Seafood, Noodles, Desserts, etc.

          Per Capita Consumption: ~$5 - $7

          Area: 3800㎡+

          Stalls: 45 Stalls

          Brand’s Requirements

          ? How to manage stalls effectively and manage capital flow to ensure the integrity of Brand's operational revenue?

          ? How to reduce long queues at the counters for purchases or returns of cards?

          ? As mobile payments (non-contact) are getting popular,

          ? SMART PoS are required to streamline overall operations of the food court and to improve service quality.

          Food Court (Multi-Stalls) Solution
          Full Service Restaurant Solution
          • OnPOS Hardware
            OnPOS Hardware
          • Smart Kitchens
            Smart Kitchens
          • K-mobile
          Keruyun Implementation Results
          • Keruyun All-in-One Point-of-Sale Cash Register

            Installed at each stall where customers may order directly and pay for food electronically,

            minimizing the use of cash or cards.

          • Keruyun Back Office Management System

            Managers of food courts can perform ubiquitous management on its back-office system or over mobile phones for all its stalls with the ability to gather business data in real-time.

            The system also supports stall owners in managing their financial data.

          • Takeaway Management

            Connected to mainstream takeaway platforms to streamline the order-to-takeaway process.

            Keruyun's system supports delivery by merchants, by 3rd-parties or self-collection.