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          Become Keruyun’s certified partner and join us to enter the intelligent cloud era

          • 66 million yuan of B-round financing in April 2015
          • More than 3,000 contracted merchants
          • An experienced product R&D team with more than 100 members
          • The winner of “China’s Best Meal Ordering System Supplier” Award
          • The winner of “Chinese Catering Industry O2O High-Quality Service Provider Diamond Award”
          • The winner of “China’s Best Innovative Company” Award
          • The winner of “China Hotel Golden Horse Award”
          • A member of GuangDong Restaurant Association
          • First-batch authorized service providers of Baidu Connect
          • As of June 2015, Keruyun has established 11 directly-operated branches nationwide, with its sales channels covering more than 20 cities, and the numbers are still increasing

          Channel activities More>>

          • Huzhou

            Huzhou Conference Marketing Campaign in September 2015

          • Mianyang

            2015 Shi Li Fang Catering Alliance Summer Salon Conference in Mianya

          • Taizhou

            Taizhou Conference Marketing Campaign in August 2015

          Keruyun Certificated Partner (KCP) Recruitment Program
          The KCP Recruitment Program is committed to promoting Keruyun product sales and serving regional certified partners, providing efficient and convenient information channel for local catering enterprises, promoting changes in consumption habits, establishing a strong information management platform, helping enterprises achieve low-cost expansion, and enabling catering merchants and customers to enter a cloud era with mobile internet. Keruyun provides a set of customized support plan for the growth of KCP. Through a wide range of training and support on sales, marketing, service and technology, Keruyun helps KCP grow rapidly and become Keruyun’s authorized regional sales and service center so as to meet the growing local market demand. In addition, with the cooperation spirit of joint development, Keruyun will work together with KCPs to carefully build a complete and powerful set of solutions specialized for the catering industry for terminal customers, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

          As a KCP, you will get support in nine aspects

          • Ads support
          • Training support
          • Conference support
          • Equipment support
          • Material support
          • Technical support
          • Service support
          • Management support
          • Reward support

          Become a KCP

          Keruyun is now recruiting certified partners around the country through implementing an open policy. Being customer-centric, Keruyun will carefully build a complete and powerful set of solutions specialized for the catering industry, so as to achieve the win-win cooperation

          To be a KCP, you will need to

          • Accept the development trend of mobile internet
          • Have the experience of the mobile internet, network products and software industry (which is preferred)
          • Have the basic conditions for rapid expansion in the local market
          • Own plenty of resources in local catering enterprises
          • Agree the product and business model of Keruyun
          Apply for Product