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          Hi Delivery

          The famous hotpot brand Haidilao, with multiple outlets in cities across China, started its delivery service in 2016. Haidilao has employed Keruyun's products and services for its domestic businesses in 2017 and overseas businesses in 2020. Nowadays, many Haidilao outlets in Singapore use Keruyun's solutions to provide in-store pickup services and build a full-featured delivery management system.

          Keruyun's smart delivery system can integrate with multiple ordering channels and support data crawling. By collecting a wide range of data, including user purchases, order amounts, preferences, contacts and addresses, the system helps Haidilao increase conversion rate and perform precision marketing. We've also added customized features such as taking orders from the app, real-time distance calculator and payroll to our solution for Haidilao.



          The milk tea franchise brand Bawangchaji, originated from Yunnan province, China, now has expanded to the Malaysian market. Since its establishment in 2017, Bawangchaji has opened almost 100 stores within mainland China and planned to open 100 stores in Malaysia within 2 years.

          Keruyun’s All-in-one POS machine helps Bawangchaji improve their brand awareness and increase their cashiering efficiency. At the same time, Keruyun’s products and services allow them to stay on top of everything, from operations management to raw materials supply management. Keruyun’s K-Mobile app also assists the management team to monitor operating data in real-time and control the fund flow, thus to enhance the accuracy of the business performance.


          Da Long Yi Hot Pot

          From its humble beginnings back in 2013, Da Long Yi has risen to become a prominent brand name in the Chinese Hot Pot industry, coming a long way since its first outlet opened in Chengdu, the capital city of China's Szechuan province. Da Long Yi continues to place a strong emphasis on maintaining the authenticity of our cuisine's spicy yet flavorful flavors, allowing our patrons throughout the world to enjoy a genuine Szechuan cuisine.

          With the rapid increase in popularity and success of the brand over the past few years, Da Long Yi has had near 300 franchised stores set up all across the globe with outlets based in China, New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Canada. Now, the globally-established flavors of Da Long Yi finally opened its doors at an outlet located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.