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          Keruyun, as a brand of Shishitongyun Technology(Beijing) Co. Ltd. Was founded in 2012. It aims to provide SaaS one-stop solutions with integrated software and hardware for merchants in tertiary industry of local services such as F&B, retail and beauty sectors to help merchants realize digitalization and intellectualization, finally achieving the goal of opening stores globally and customer flowing in heavily. In 2019,KRY joined in Ali operation system ecology and Shishitongyun became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba local services company.

          Keruyun has set more than 20 stations in China to provide services to all customers across the country.

           Branch map

          We are a group of young people loving life; the company has such organized activities as swimming, basketball, football, badminton, shoot and birthday party for us. What is the most important is the afternoon tea each day.

          Afternoon tea

          We love plants, so the office is full of green.


          We advocate combination of exertion and rest, so billiards are favored by programmers.


          We advocate winning by teamwork, so each person can make his/her own shares in the post.

          Teamwork wins

          We trust fast learning, fast moving and infinite knowledge. Confronted with increasingly fierce competition, we must empower us and make friends to live freely.

          Fast learning fast moving

          We trust that we will do the best wherever we are and whatever we do; we will outpace the opponent, our own and acme.

          Best or nothing

          Certainly, the most important is that we are the strength with high beauty.

          Keruyun is perfect only with you.

          Your joining is earnestly expected.

          expects to join

          Reveal the secret of Keruyun’s corporate culture

          Every company has its own culture, and the new staff of Keruyun learn our culture through employee handbook. Nowadays, the corporate culture plays an indispensable role as the spirit guidance along with the development of Keruyun. We keep the enterprise culture in mind to practice it in our daily work as we strive. Next, Peng Lei, the CEO of Keruyun, will introduce the enterprise culture for us. No matter you are an employee, friend or customer of Keruyun, we hope to deliver positive energy to you.

          • Life is great
            We stress that life is great and hope every member of the group is positive and optimistic, because these are the basis of human nature.
          • Teamwork wins
            We believe in the strength of teamwork. We can not only get support from the team, but also we can use our ability to promote the development of the team.
          • Fast learning fast moving
            We are establishing a new industry which has no predecessors but will definitely have followers. We emphasize the ability of learning and using new knowledge. Everyone should have the strong desire of learning and self-improvement. We are not afraid of your incapability but your laziness.
          • Best or nothing
            It’s always winner takes all in the internet industry, so our requirement for the work outcome is best or nothing. You need to exceed your competitor, yourself and your limits.

            Present you a truthful Keruyun

            Life is great

            Keruyun need to realize the vision, then need a group of what people struggle with us? In every period of years through the clouds, we are looking for talents are more and more clear! We need to find people, is hard to pay every day, enjoy life every day, every corner of the mouth can sleep with a smile. Whether entrepreneurship or good work, and finally will make your life more colorful. Some people may say: I want to love life, I do not work overtime, do not want to go to work, has been able to rest on the best. So what is love life? Love life is not what is lying on the sofa, it is not imaginary, love life. As a natural person, we all love Thanksgiving, have. Job is a part of life, work is for better life, first you have to love the work, can have more abundant resources to love life enjoy life... This is the basis of human nature, love the nature of life is positive, sunny, positive Thanksgiving and face life

            Teamwork wins

            Now you are positive, optimistic and love your life and you begin to work, but here comes the problem – can you do all the work by your own? Can I dismiss the whole department and handle all the work by myself? That’s impossible. We need the strength of teamwork to make the best of everyone’s advantages. We work together and help each other, get support from the team and use our ability to help the team. Only in this way can we finish the work together. You can’t make any achievement without teamwork. We need to coordinate with each other, take responsibility for the team, truly trust, serve and rely on the team.

            Fast learning fast moving

            Now that we are all positive and we have built up our team, what we should do next? We are doing a great thing which has no predecessors but will definitely have followers. What should we do when there are a great number of followers? The answer is learning. You should maintain your strongest learning ability in this industry, and always be the best, so we can keep going! We do our best to train our staff. Our posts have great potential and we need to find the best persons in the entire industry to learn from them. The whole industry is ever-changing, and Keruyun is studying and promoting unceasingly, too

            Best or nothing

            Study is great, but if you can’t achieve any good results, the most powerful company will close eventually. Best or nothing. The best performance of you today is the lowest standard of tomorrow. We hope Keruyun can unceasingly go beyond itself! Only by providing products and services better than our limits can we satisfy the need of the market and the company can keep going